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Sakirani-Ibni An-Nikah

The wedding of Sajid and Fhat is one of the Islamic Weddings I did this year. They were endorsed by Lolita Ngo – manager of  Marcian Garden Hotel after doing the wedding of her daughter Lynette.

The wedding day or “Nikah” took place a day before the wedding party or “Walimah” attended by nearly 700 guests at Marcian Garden  Convention Center last summer. It was a festive and colorful day. The venue was draped with fabrics in shades of pink, lavender, lilac, and matte gold over cream panels of cloth  that took us several hours to install, and with an ambient lighting provided by a good friend – Via Joven of Wildbluez Mobile System.

It was a densely populated wedding that placed my logistic associates and the hotel into trouble. They run out of important things like tables, chairs, plates, drinking glasses, spoon and forks due to unexpected number of guests who arrived at the reception venue. The place though big enough cannot accommodate such number of guests. Indeed, there is no such thing as perfect wedding.

That circumstance made me extra careful with the number of guests who will be attending the wedding of my clients regardless of wedding traditions. Although guests attending an Islamic Wedding is uncertain, I remind my clients at all times that they should book their wedding in hotels that has function area than can accommodate 1000 guests to avoid any spatial problems. This is a big consideration for an Islamic Wedding.

But despite of that circumstance, the wedding ended with gratitude from the couple and their parents. The reception program ran smoothly, everything in cue. Guests were amused with the SDE using “Biradalli”– a popular Tausug song by Den Besa as musical score, and Onsite Photography presentations made possible by Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions. Guests were also entertained by “Pangalay” – a tausug/sama dance in the tune of “lolai liyangkit” and “pangalay kulintangan”, and Tausug songs accompanied by native instruments like “gabbang” and “biyula” performed by noted native musicians in Sulu.

Although rare for an Islamic Wedding Tradition, the couple had their dance in the tune of “So Close” by Jon McLauglin, and the bride had bouquet throw.

The couple had an outdoor pictorial right after the Walimah.

(photos courtesy of Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions)

Event Management : Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling

Event Styling : Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling

Floral Design : Buds and Blooms by Melanie Lim

Bouquet : Flowers by Grassele

Hair/MUA : Vanging

Couture : Tita’s Dress Shop

Event Photography : Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions

Event Videography : Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions

AVP : Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions

Invitation : Print and Papers Specialist

Cake : LIMTEL Collections

Lights and Sounds : Wildbluez Mobile System

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