I became an instant host during Sedano-Boleng Nuptials on the latter part of the reception program banquet they held at Astoria Plaza, Grand Astoria Hotel on October 20,2010. I was reading the mechanics of the game. (photo courtesy of Bigmike Muin)

I was browsing the bridal magazine that i bought recently looking for a template of a checklist needed for my future weddings.As i searched for the checklist and read some of the articles featured in the issue, wedding host caught my attention.It’s a long topic, its about four pages.I learned a lot from it and i wish to share it to the couples and all the wedding hosts or emcee.

I did event hostings before i got into events.And I hosted some of my events in the past whenever my emcee had to instantly cancel the job for emergency reasons, or if i find the emcee boring especially during games or sometimes accompany them in doing so.I enjoy it because i know my script better.

Sometimes couples task their relatives and friends, or classmates and even officemates (in most cases no experience in event hosting at all) to host their events for the reason of budget constraint , not considering the importance of a very good host in any event.It affects my productions sometimes, the program becomes dragging or boring and makes me freak out.

The host is the life of the event program along with the music and some audio visual presentations.They are responsible for the smooth flow of the program along with the program director.

So i require and recommend you to have a very good host for your event.Below is the highlight of the article.

WEDDING HOST. Feature. LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU.Atom Ungson on Wedding Hosting. Text by Chinggay Labrador. (Wedding Essentials Volume 6 Issue 2 July 2010 – December 2010 p.107) Weddings are a marriage of solemnity and festivity. The church ceremony is all earnestness in that it’s the part that formally unites bride and groom, while the reception typically takes on an air of celebration, where friends and families get together to toast the couple and their future together. And although receptions by and large are big ”parties”, they aren’t all about winning and dining, mingling and picture taking. Planning, organizing and sequencing plays a large role in creating a smooth-flowing wedding reception; and much of the behind scenes work is taken care of by the wedding host.” Every reception needs someone to synergize everything,” says professional wedding host Atom Ungson, who credits his five-year career to the late Paulo Clemente, an industry stalwart. “ You want to make sure that the program is in order – that everything is ready before the next part is announced, that the guest are having fun and the program isn’t boring.” Whether you enlist a professional to do the job, or get a friend or relative to take care of being emcee, the duties of a wedding host don’t change. They come up with a program of events to keep the show going, and work closely with coordinators, videographers, the waitstaff, photographers, and the couple and their families, to come up with a program that livens up the reception.

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