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Pink Roses Bouquet

I was looking at my files in my computer the other day when I saw the pictures of my younger sister’s wedding day photographed by my younger brother over a year ago in Cotabato City –my hometown. I remembered the gown I made for her and the wedding bouquet that I arranged using roses I bought from a flower stall beside the school where I studied elementary. That was over a couple of decades. I would pass by the stalls and admire their flowers especially roses. Speaking of roses, this kind of flower is the most popular wedding flower. The rose symbolizes love, purity, joy, and beauty. It is available all year and is suitable for any arrangement. A day before the wedding, I bought several dozens of different flowers for the event including roses that I used to admire. I picked up 3 dozens of pink roses that I got for P70.00 per dozen, brought it home and arranged it. I hand-tied the roses using fuchsia pink satin lace and arranged the roses in dome-shaped manner, and placed it inside the refrigerator to avoid it from wilting. I didn’t find any good foliage for the bouquet so I bought a fine weaved sinamay and incorporated it on the bouquet. Few minutes after I carried it out from the refrigerator, the petals opened wide and turned out to be like English Roses. But it was beautiful. My mom save a lot of budget for the flowers.(photo courtesy of Kossovo Photography)


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