The word “Gothic” for art was initially used as a synonym for “barbaric”, and was therefore used as a negative term of opprobrium: this type of Medieval art was considered as unrefined and barbaric, too remote from the aesthetic proportions and shapes of Classical Art and its resurgence during the Renaissance(WIKIPEDIA).It is coined by Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) calling Gothic Art a “monstrous and barbarous” and”disorder”.

Gothic art was a Medieval Art movement that developed in France out of Romanesque Art in the mid-12th century, led by the concurrent development of Gothic Art (WIKIPEDIA).

Gothic Art does not imply the art of the historical Goths. It has a much wider application

Every time I heard of Gothic Art, it reminds me of the things I learned from my History of Architecture subject in my Architecture Course. It reminds me of the cathedrals, abbeys, and churches during the Middle Age Europe – ogival or pointed arches, the gargoyles and the rose window, the flying buttress, and the ribbed vaults.

Gore, black or darkness comes to our mind when we think of Goth culture. Gothic has been a favorite themes for various occasions and events nowadays.

There are few clients who requested Gothic as theme for their prenuptial photography and for their events. I have no choice but to give it a try.

Benhar and Aya requested their prenuptial photography to be in Gothic. Black clothes, amuletsand talismans sparked in my mind. I provided their clothes for the shoot as well as accessories I pulled out from my closet. I had a hard time looking for a black ball skirt that resembles like of Queen Elizabeth. I had one black lace skirt appropriate for the theme but I need two ,so I pulled a meters long black cloth then adroitely converted it into skirt- flounced and cinched around Aya’s waist over a petticoat. Finding location for the shoot was easy for me. I brought them to the places known to me for a long time. I brought them to casted off buildings of the city and to the high altitudes of Abong-abong Park. It was summer and the grasses are dried, its gave more character and texture to the photos. I did the styling and creative direction.We did the shoot for half-day photographed by a budding lensman at that time –Ryann Elumba of Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions.Kuku Jimeno – a good friend did Aya’s coiffure in periodic style. The output came out to be Gothic in every aspect. I love the way the photos were enhanced with its gloomy ambiance and the moon which added a beautiful and distinct detail. They got married on April 18,2010 at Grand Astoria Regency Convention Center under Islamic Rights.

Habib Benhar Usman


A choice of cover for Karen Teodoro's invitation in Gothic Style. Photographed by Vincent Arnuco. Photo manipulation of Cedrick Zabala of Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions.Hair and make-up by Gregorio Francisco.Dress by Angking Francisco.Styling and direction by Joe Harris Kari.


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