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This a sequel of my previous blog dated November 22,2010 – (Plan and Share the Details of your Wedding Day Online)


It is basically a photo collage that inspires you to have certain concept for your  individual endeavor. It is similar to a “mood board”.

A mood board is a creative tool, a process that enables you to develop and share the visual direction for your project. It’s an essential activity for art and design directors. Technically, mood boards are a key milestone in the design process. But it is not confined solely in advertising but for wedding also. It is collaboration between the wedding planner and the bride in most cases.

There are myriad of beautiful things you can find in the internet. It is far more comprehensive and accessible- just few clicks. There is no need to feel guilty about being influenced by others or by the things you see in the internet or magazines. The truth is everything is constantly evolving and everything is inspired by something, and I believe this move is not being a copycat. It is important however to fully understand and acknowledge your influences .In short, the look of your work should be the natural by-product of your intellectual process. You can always modify the progenitor.

There are basically 2 two ways to make your inspiration board.

1.)    The first is using either poster board or something similar, and decorating it with photos, glossy magazine cut-outs, etc. that you cut and literally paste onto the board.

2.)    The second is using digital software or a similar program (photoshop,corel draw,photomix,photo-collage,etc.) to cut and paste photos, phrases, etc. into a digital collage.It is a preferable method for much easier to upload a digital photo.

Excited to make Inspiration Boards. Make one for you too.

BLACK and RED GLAM (photo courtesy of Brenda's Wedding Blog)

FALL AUTUMN (photo courtesy of Wedding Nouveau)

FRENCH PROVENCAL (photo courtesy of Wedding Nouveau)

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Plan and Share the Details of your Wedding Day Online

November 22, 2010 1 comment

Most of my recent clients are working in different parts of the globe, and the only way to communicate with them is through internet. Thank God, great minds invented computer and internet that paved the way for wedding planners like me to have easy access with our clients, and help save phone bills. Communication via email is not productive and conducive way anymore. It takes time to attach files and it just add bulk to our inbox.

Recently, I created Group Album through FACEBOOK for some of my clients working abroad where the couple and the people involved in the production(wedding planner,photographers,videographers,couturier,cake and floraldesigner,entourage,etc.) can share ideas for the wedding.

It is an avenue for brainstorming online. It serves as your online inspiration album or mood board, workbook,and a suggestion box. You can post multimedia materials like videos and photos, documents, posts and website links, calendar of events pertaining the wedding. You can even chat with the people involved in the production provided they are online. The idea was introduced by Ms.Emelyn Napii (client) who is currently in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia working in the royal palace as a nurse. Another is through eWEDDING – a free ( includes 2 weeks of the Gold** Package features1 year term & unlimited storage) and fully-featured wedding website which is far more comprehensive than Facebook Group Album. Click to find out the features. Thank you Ms.Abby Chan (client working as a nurse in Canada) for sharing the brilliant idea.

For this reason, we are able to communicate our wedding plans with our family and friends by creating a centralized website in case of eWEDDING andFACEBOOK Group Album with loads of information in easy, accessible, comprehensive and effective manner. Your wedding suppliers, vendors, and services providers will be grateful with this idea.

Abby Chan and Edward Chan Wedding Website courtesy of Ewedding
Brown and Pink Renewal of Vows 2010 Album I created for Abby Chan (Canada) through Facebook Group Album
Medieval-inspired Album created by Emelyn Napii (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) through Facebook Group Album

Pakistani-inspired Wedding Tradition Album i created for Sherlove Yba (Canada) through Facebook Group Album
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On December 9, 2010 – I including 12 Fashion Designers of Zamboanga City will showcase our collections at Astoria Regency Convention Center as part of Western Mindanao State University Alumni Association Inc. dubbed as SHOWDOWN 2010 -A Dinner Fashion Show.The participating designers are Angking Francisco and Federico Navarro (ciudad de zamboanga fashion stalwarts), Mandrake Servito, Benjason Caranay, Altom Tiubot, Usni Sali, Gladyrose Pantua, Donald Green Lim, Frederick Rodriguez, Al-ShamerAbdul , and Geronie Labora. The objective of the Dinner Fashion Show is to raise funds for the construction of Casa Alumna.

The project is spearheaded by Prof. Mahmor N. Edding – President -WMSU Alumni Association, with the help of Mr. Hashim Alawi  RN – Treasurer of the current WMSU Alumni Association and the Project Director of the said fund-raising endeavor. The show will be directed by a very good friend and my logistic assistant- Mr. Elvin Sagun along with Andrew Cordero.

SHOWDOWN 2010 (lay-out by Ryann Elumba of Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions)

As a legitimate alumnus of Western Mindanao State University, I am genuinely proud of being part of the said event. It is a simple way of giving back the gift to my beloved Alma Mater.

Good Luck to all of us. Please support the show.

contact: Mr. Hashim Alawi RN (09157762996)

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FLORAL DESIGN 101: Flower Hoop Bouquet

The hand-tied bouquet is a loose-tied arrangement. These hand tied styles are also referred to as clutch bouquets.

This type of bouquet consists of a simple gathering of flowers, bound and tied with ribbon with stems left exposed.In the Philippines, variety of roses are commonly used.

This is a beautiful choice for an outdoor wedding with that just picked from the garden look. It is arranged in a looser manner with the stems left longer and a large ribbon or exotic fabric tied together.

Hoop Bouquet of Red Roses by Flowers by Grassele (photo courtesy of Seed Interactive Multimedia Production)

Hoop Bouquet of Red Roses by Joe Harris Kari (photo courtesy of Seed Interactive Multimedia Productions)

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Do It Yourself

Many brides, especially those on a budget, want to save money by making things for their weddings themselves. Here is a list of feasible things you can do yourself, and what you should call in the experts for.

DIY It: Wedding tasks you can do yourself

· Wedding Favors and Giveaways

· Invitations

· Themed Decors,Simple Floral and Candle Centerpieces

· Cupcakes (instead of a wedding cake)

· Ring and Bible Pillow

· Container for the Arras/Arrae

· Wedding Cord

· Flower Girl Basket

· Bridal Hair and Makeup

· Headpieces

· Save the Date Cards, Programs, Menu Cards and Seating Cards

· A decorated guest book, missalette, card box, photo album, or other keepsake

For the Pros: Wedding tasks that should be left to the professionals

· Large Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces

· Bridal and Bridesmaid bouquets

· Your Wedding Dress

· A Wedding Cake

· Catering

· Photography

· Videography

If your aim is to save money on your wedding, start out by making a budget for each DIY project. You will be surprised to find that some projects are cheaper for the experts to do, and others can be either extremely inexpensive or breaking the bank, depending on the materials you use. Try it!

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